for Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps and Solar Systems

Regular Maintenance

Pre-planned servicing for optimal performance

Our qualified and accredited engineers can provide regular maintenance and servicing which is an essential and cost-effective way to ensure the smooth, reliable and efficient operation of your heating and energy systems. Please select your preferred option from the selection below to find out more:

Air ConditioningHeat PumpsSolar ThermalSolar PV

Emergency Call Outs

Unexpected system breakdown or emergency?

In addition to our pre-planned preventative maintenance and servicing packages we also attend one-off service and urgent call out visits. If you need advice or a visit from one of our fully-qualified trained engineers please do not hesitate to contact us.


Air Conditioning Servicing

A cost effective way to ensure smooth, reliable and energy efficient operation

Pre-Planned Maintenance

As with most electronic equipment it is recommended servicing is carried out regularly in order to ensure the system maintains is its optimal running efficiency in terms of reliability and operation.

In a productive office, it is understandable that the servicing of your air conditioning system does not always take priority. We all have busy working agendas. We recommend however, that taking the decision to act sooner can save you both hundreds of pounds in downtime and call out fees.

Our bespoke pre-planned preventative maintenance visits which are available on a yearly basis would substantially help reduce the chance of a breakdown occurring and maintain your system manufacturer’s warranty*.

You wouldn’t run your car without a service or an oil change and nor should you with your air conditioning.

*Assuming your system is within the manufacturer’s warranty period.

7 Year Comprehensive Insurance

Abel Environmental is proud to be affiliated with Mitsubishi Electric as a Business Solution Partner. This qualification status enables us to offer up to a 7 year fully comprehensive parts and labour warranty on Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning products we install and subsequently maintain.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

The main symptons

Many of the day-to-day air conditioning problems we encounter are caused by a lack of regular maintenance. We have listed below what we believe to be some of the main symptoms.

If you experience any of these issues please do not hesitate in contacting us to arrange an inspection, repair or service.

The two most common causes of your air conditioning system leaking is blocked drains or failed condensing pumps. Our expertly trained engineers will be able to quickly diagnose the cause of your issue and generally fix it in a very short period of time. We generally carry stock of the most common pumps in the market thus reducing your downtime.

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Air conditioning system under performance is usually associated with dirty coils on indoor and outdoor units or a lack of refrigerant. Having a maintenance contract in place can significantly reduce call outs associated with this type of air conditioning problem as filters will be cleaned and in certain circumstances a refrigerant leak check is also carried out as part of our bespoke maintenance packages designed to prolong the life of your equipment.

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As above the two most likely causes of condenser coils freezing is down to dirty coils or lack of refrigerant. As part of our maintenance package we will clean the outdoor condensing coil with industry standard condenser cleaner to ensure your system runs at optimum efficiency throughout the year.

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If your AC unit is emitting unpleasant odours this is usually down to a lack of maintenance and or untreated / infrequently cleaned coils. In some circumstances this can also be due to a lack of ventilation within the room. It is important to remember that cassette and wall mounted air conditioning units only warm or cool the existing air and do not provide ventilation, so a lack of air changes in a room could contribute to bad odours.

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Reduced airflow can be associated with something as simple as incorrect controls, louver failure or faulty fan motors. Its important to check that your controller is in the correct mode and the louver on the unit has opened the airways for the cool or warm air to escape. Our qualified engineers will be able to check the operation of the system and if necessary electrically test the function of the air conditioning unit.

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The most common cause for rising energy bills is incorrectly set controls where the settings are set too high or two low. It is a common misconception that setting the controller down to 16 degrees will decrease the amount of time it takes to cool the room. Our air conditioning experts can discuss with you the most efficient way to control your air conditioning system. As part of our installation service we always ensure we provide a detailed handover to our clients to ensure they get the most out of their energy efficient air conditioning products.

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General Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

We have highlighted below a short list of the some of the items which require checking during a normal air conditioning service visit.

Indoor Units

  • Clean filters
  • Clean evaporator coil
  • Check drip tray for dirt and debris
  • Clean and test condensate pump (where fitted)
  • Check all air on and air off temperatures in both cooling and heating
  • Check controls operation

Outdoor Units

  • Inspect and clean heat exchanger
  • Check for visible signs of refrigerant leaks
  • Check pipework and lagging integrity
  • Check drip tray for dirt and debris
  • Check all air on and air off temperatures in both cooling and heating
  • Check electrical connections and tighten as necessary

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Heat Pump Maintenance

Achieving the maximum performance from your heat pump system throughout its working life

We believe that by investing in a planned preventative maintenance programme you can ensure that your equipment operates at its maximum efficiency coupled with optimum reliability and reduced running costs. Relying on a reactive strategy is a short term solution that can prove costly in the long term.

We recommend that your heat pump is serviced annually to ensure you comply with our warranty conditions and also to meet the requirements of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme should this be of interest.

AES has a range of service and maintenance packages to support your heat pump system. Whilst it is rare for our customers to experience no heating or hot water we can offer our expertise providing affordable peace of mind.


Benefits of our Heat Pump Service & Maintenance Plans

  • Premium service levels
  • Complements and maintains equipment warranty
  • Prolongs the life of your heat pump system
  • Ensures that the heat pump is operating at maximum efficiency
  • Offers complete reassurance

Annual Heat Pump Service – to maintain warranty on the Ecodan system:

  • Clean evaporator coil
  • Clean magnetic filter
  • Remove trapped air
  • Check primary pressure
  • Check flow rate
  • Check controller settings
  • Check glycol (anti-freeze) level


Annual System Service – The above plus:

  • Check immersion heater function
  • Check function of unvented safety equipment
  • Charge expansion vessel

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Solar Thermal Maintenance

A regular service keeps your system performing optimally

Having a solar thermal service can keep your system performing optimally. With extensive experience in the design, installation and maintenance of solar thermal systems over the years we have gained a good understanding of what is required to keep thermal systems operating correctly.

Most solar thermal systems will require a service every 3 – 5 years depending on the system design.

During a Solar Thermal service we would carry out the following system checks:

  • Check Glycol strength for antifreeze protection
  • Check colour of Glycol
  • Check pumps are in working order
  • Ensure pipework lagging is in good condition
  • Check system pressure
  • Check pressure relief valves
  • Check pumping station is set correctly (providing we have the Design Specification)
  • Check flow rates
  • Visual inspection of solar thermal panels

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Solar PV Maintenance

Required just once every 3 years for optimum efficiency

One of the main benefits of Solar PV systems is the lack of moving parts which in turn means they don’t require a huge amount of work to keep them running efficiently. However we would recommend that a system health check is carried out every 3 years as systems that are not inspected over this time period could be up to 30% less efficient than when they are new.

Our Solar PV Maintenance packages will ensure that your system is safe and performing to its full capability.

During a maintenance visit we would check the following:

  • Check the inverter for error messages
  • Check the functional operation switches
  • Do a complete shut-down test of the invertor
  • Do a full test and inspection on the AC side of system
  • Carry out a visual check of the modules and advise should panel cleaning be required

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