Meet your energy and sustainability targets with solar energy

Solar Experts

Abel Environmental specialises in both solar PV and solar thermal solutions for developers, national housebuilders and commercial contractors. We’ll ensure your scheme achieves the highest standards of energy efficiency and meets the latest renewable energy requirements.

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Solar PV

Abel Environmental services limited are able to take your project from Inception to completion to ensure that your projects meet all the necessary planning requirements.

Solar PV Solutions

Solar Thermal

Perhaps the most feasible investment in solar thermal is for commercial applications as they tend to have strong demand that is steady in its requirements and the demand is usually 365 days per year which improves the viability and payback of the systems.

Solar Thermal Solutions

Solar PV

Meet your energy and sustainability targets with solar PV

Abel Environmental specializes in new build solar PV solutions for all new build commercial construction, whether that be, new homes, new shops, new distribution centers, new petrol stations, If the project is commercial our in house design team can help design the most cost effective and efficient solar system to meet your requirements.

Due to the increased pressure on building energy efficient buildings, Solar PV is now recognized as the most cost effective renewable energy product to install with most professionals within the industry.  With mounting systems now becoming more installer friendly and In Roof systems now more affordable than ever you can easily incorporate any system into your design.

Our experienced in house team have worked on a vast number of projects to design from the outset systems that cost effectively meet the planning and building regulation requirements to maintain construction compliance.

Design & Installation

Benefits of Solar PV

for new builds

Energy efficiency

  • Meet all energy efficiency related targets
  • Comply with any planning conditions which may be in place
  • SAP calculations enable accurate system generation predictions
  • Improve the EPC rating of all new build stock


  • Enhance green credentials
  • Fulfil energy & CO2 targets
  • Work towards reducing climate change


  • Protection from rising energy costs
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Options to also reduce hot water heating bill

Solutions for all Roof Types

We can find a solution for your property or building
Solar PV panels on a standard pitched roof
Solar PV panels with in-roof fitting
Solar PV panels on a flat roof
Solar PV panels on a standing-seam roof

Solar PV Installation Service for New Build Projects

A turn-key service for all new build commercial projects

A Complete Service From Inception to Completion

We are able to use our technical expertise to design a compliant PV installation from inception to completion. Our in house design team will request drawings and SAP calculations to enable us to design the most effecient system to meet your requirements.

Once a system design has been agreed you will be met on site by our fully qualified solar installer who will carry out the installation in a safe and timely manner, test the system and provide you with all necessary commissioning documentation for your bespoke client handover manual.

Should you have a construction project that  you feel requires a careful design & planning specification please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Our Expertise

  • System design & technical support
  • Full drawings and design
  • CHAS and Safe Contractor Approved
  • Sales training & support

What We Do

Design & Development

  • Site wide design services
  • In house selection of appropriate mounting systems
  • DNO and Planning Approval dealt with where necessary
  • Indicative design drawing layouts to aid architects


  • Full project management
  • Tidy and polite engineers
  • RAMS documentation
  • MCS approved engineers


  • System guarantees
  • Installation guarantees
  • MCS commissioning certification
  • G83/59 test certificates
  • Customer operations documentation
  • Information regarding FiT application process

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Commercial Solar Thermal Solutions

A wide variety of highly beneficial applications

Perhaps the most feasible investment in solar thermal is for commercial applications. Unlike residential solar thermal systems, commercial solar heating applications tend to have much larger demand that is steady in its requirements and the demand is usually 365 days per year which improves the viability and payback of the systems.

The principles of solar thermal heating are the same in an industrial application as a residential application only the systems are sized much larger. More panels, larger pumps and bigger storage are the main differences. Most commercial facilities have large roofs which can be utilized for a large amount of solar panels.

The correct design is crucial. When building a commercial solar thermal system you need to consult with a solar professional. Abel Environmental Services specialises in large scale commercial applications and can ensure the proper sizing and operating temperatures to ensure the system meets your exact requirements.

As we are MCS approved contractors you may also be eligible for the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which can contribute towards paying for the system.

Read more about non-domestic RHI

Commercial Applications for Solar Thermal

Just a few of many options
  • Agriculture: Dairy and Livestock industries have a large demand for hot water used to sterilize the operations on a daily basis.
  • Solar Car Washes: Hot Water
  • Solar Laundromats: Hot Water
  • Hotels: Cleaning laundry, dishes, and hot water for the guests
  • Restaurants: Dishes
  • Breweries: Process Heating
  • Food Processing: Sterilizing
  • Apartment Complex: Hot water for showers and dishes
  • Swimming Pools: Water Heating

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