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Uses your PV array to give you FREE hot water

The Solar iBoost+ has been designed to divert the surplus solar photovoltaic energy that is generated at your home to heat your water in your household cylinder and save you money.  The Solar iBoost+ works in conjunction with the iBoost+ Buddy. 

 IBoost+ Buddy

  •  The iBoost+ Buddy is a device which monitors your homes energy usage.
  • The eco gauge lets you know when unused energy is available so you can switch on appliances.
  • Keep the Buddy handy so you can check the intuitive “traffic light” energy indicator. Make the monitoring device work for you.

You only need to have a cylinder with an immersion heater in your home to be able to use the Solar iBoost+.   This will enable you to achieve more savings from your PV investment.

You will benefit from

  • Maximising the use of the free solar energy generated at your property
  • Cut the cost of heating your water
  • Reduced usage of your boiler

Feed in Tariff Payments

Fitting the Solar iBoost+ will not affect your feed in tariff payments in the UK.  Where you have a “deemed” usage contract with your FIT provider you will be paid for the export value regardless of whether the energy is consumed or not. This is normally based on 50% of the generation reading and will not be affected. Solar iBoost+ enables you to usefully and automatically consume any excess energy generated rather than export it. Even with an export meter the benefits of the Solar iBoost+ can still easily outweigh rising energy costs.

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