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The cost of installing commercial solar PV systems has reduced dramatically over the last 5 years. Solar PV is now one of the most popular and easiest forms of renewable energy to incorporate into a commercial application.

Our systems have a number of advantages for business owners:-

·         Excellent returns of 8 – 18% for 20 years

·         Capital allowances make for a tax efficient investment

·         Reduce your energy bills

·         Reduce your carbon footprint and improve your corporate image

·         You may be eligible for a FREE installation

·         Free quotations and design

·         Expert advice and help

·         Specialist design services

Solar panels offer huge benefits and incentives for your business and we will offer our full support and design services from inception to completion.

Installing a commercial solar PV system is also a great way of reducing your energy bills by using the free electricity you are generating. In an ideal situation we will try to design a Solar PV system which covers your daytime load to provide you with substantial energy savings.

               By combining the FIT payments with the savings on your energy bills, we aim to provide you with an electricity supply that will pay for itself in a reasonable time period and provide an income stream for the next 20 years. The carbon savings resulting from the green electricity you are generating can also be an added bonus if you are trying to meet buildings regulations compliance.

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